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Candles Flicker in the Night (Written By: Don Dean) [5 in stock]

Back in the early 1970’s, Mr. Dean traveled extensively for his company, Occidental Chemical Corp. His job was to counsel managers/supervisors at all of OxyChem’s plants across the United States and Canada. In his spare time, while waiting for planes to arrive or depart, he decided to wright some poetry about some of the things he encountered across our great country and inserted them into a book entitled, “Candles Flicker in the Night”. Some of these poems were picked up by other publications as well. And several became a part of “The Year Book of Modern Poetry” in 1971. Each copy is signed by the author.

16.50 $


Woman #1

Charcoal Drawing (1 in stock)

150.00 $


Rose Earrings

Made in the USA (1 in stock)

11.00 $

Tele-Health Care:

Tele-Health Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment (In Ohio, U.S. only)

$5 initially, then $1 per hour. Once you pay initial fee, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions to receive Tele-Health Physical Therapy from our service. (3 openings at this time for November 2020). For additional inquires, please call/text (216)347-4731

5.00 $

Career Success:

Private Career Consultation via Individualized Online Workshop

Provided by D.R. Dean Consulting Services. (30 minutes) (4 openings at this time for November 2020). For additional inquires, please call/text (216)347-4731

16.50 $

Craft Store:

Homemade “Flower” Towel (1 item in stock)

A wonderful item to add to your home from SM-Crafts.

7.99 $

Homemade “Bless This Home” Towel (1 item in stock)

Another great item to add to you home decor or send to Mom as a gift from SM-Crafts.

7.99 $

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